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Assistant Professor 
Delta Delta Delta Fellow in the Humanities
Department of English and Comparative Literature
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Danielle Christmas, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds a B.A. in English from Washington University in St. Louis and a Ph.D. in English from University of Illinois at Chicago. Her current manuscript, “Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor, Sex, and Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction,” concerns how representations of slavery and the Holocaust contribute to American socioeconomic discourses. She has received a  
Please watch this video for a short talk entitled, "When Israel Becomes Germany: Agnosticism in Robert Young's Eichmann (2007)." This was recorded for presentation at the Film Club of the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Victoria, Australia on March 29th, 2012. 

Department of English & Comparative Literature
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
440 Greenlaw Hall
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Public lecture at the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Victoria, Australia on August 8th, 2013

“A Parade of Villainous Vixens: Sex and Guilt in Jew Suss: Rise and Fall"
Pictured (below) with Dr. Adam BrownDr. Deb Waterhouse-Watson, and two Holocaust survivors from the Jewish Holocaust Centre.

"Mansfield Park and the Slave Ship Zong," Mansfield Park and Its Afterlives, Jane Austen Summer Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, June 2016

"Money Made Them Do It!: Where Slavery Fiction Meets Historical Fact," FaculTeas Program, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, April 2016

"The Plantation-Auschwitz Tradition: Reimagining Slavery in Sophie's Choice and The Confessions of Nat Turner," Jewish Studies Program, University of California at Irvine, March 2016 

"African American Newspapers and Magazines, World War 2-present." Forthcoming in Encyclopedia of African American Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2017.

"The Plantation-Auschwitz Tradition: Forced Labor and Free Markets in the Novels of William Styron." Twentieth-Century Literature 61.1 (Spring 2015): 1-31.

"From 'Eichmann-as-Victim' to 'Nazi-as-Jew': Deconstructing Justice in American Holocaust Trial Films." Forthcoming in Aftermath: Genocide, Memory, and History. Melbourne, Australia: Monash University, 2015.

number of national awards to support this research, including a Cummings Foundation Fellowship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and a Mellon / ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Deeply interested in comparative frameworks, Danielle co-convened an international conference through Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia in July 2014 entitled, "The Future of the Past: Representing the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Trauma in the 21st Century” and she is proud to have been included in the USHMM's interdisciplinary symposium of scholars working on genocide and literature. Most recently, her articles have appeared in Twentieth-Century Literature (2015) and Aftermath: Genocide, Memory, and History (Monash University, 2015). When she’s not working, Danielle’s taking a Nia class, drinking wine, playing a board game, or attempting to knit.
Photographs from the International Summer Research Workshop, "Literary Responses to Genocide in the Post-Holocaust Era," at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. August 2014.
Preparing to answer a question on the relationship between state suppression of Jews in Nazi Germany and the police suppression of protesting civilians in Ferguson, Missouri, following the 2014 shooting of an unarmed black teenager. 
Workshop participants. Front Row: Alicia Partnoy, Brett Ashley Kaplan, Laura Levitt, Brad Prager, Danielle Christmas, Monica Popescu. Back Row: Jim Hicks, Erin McGlothlin, Gary Weissman, Stephenie Young.